Deploying macOS 10.15 Catalina

Hello again, my friends.

I have returned with some quick information that may be helpful to many of my Mac admin friends out there, to which, I am not seeing reported ANYWHERE.

macOS Catalina is supported for VPP/Apple School-Business Manager licensing!

Catalina 1.png

This is pretty huge. In the past, the macOS installer app had to be downloaded and packaged, and then have a post-install script tacked along with it in order to force the installer app to run after installation. Now, it appears it’s as simple as assigning a VPP license. I was able to get Catalina to show up in Jamf Self Service, download it, and then install it on a target machine.

Catalina 2.png

Now of course, if you use the VPP store to push out Catalina, you won’t have the ability to utilize pre/post scripts like you would if you posted Catalina in Self Service like a typical policy (without getting creative, of course). That being said, if you just want a simple way to make sure the latest and greatest Catalina installer app is available for download without users having to have an Apple ID/use the Mac App Store, this is a major blessing.




2 thoughts on “Deploying macOS 10.15 Catalina

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